98 pound Cockroach is an episode of Monsters vs. Aliens. It aired on June 22, 2013.


President Hathaway has a 'Fit to be awesome' program for kids, and he wants his expensive monster team to participate, with the condition that if they fail, they're off the team. Link, Susan and B.O.B. pass with flying colors, but Dr. Cockroach is having trouble with the last test: The dreaded pull-ups and has only 24 hours to complete it. Rather than use the traditional methods, he resorts to the mad science he loves. When he increases his roach DNA to 60%, he gains the extra strength and arms to pass the exam. But when the good Dr. sprouts wings, they discover he's still mutating at an accelerated speed. As he loses his speech and stuffs himself with trash, the monsters must find their mad scientist before either the mutation completes or he finds his way to the largest source of garbage in the base: the incinerator.


98 Pound Cockroach/Script


  • This is the second episode without the Aliens and the first with no mention of them.
  • The way Dr. Cockroach's new arms sprout from his clothes is similar to the 1986 version of The Fly.
  • In an homage to the 1958 version of The Fly, Dr. Cockroach says "Help Me" to Susan and in the last stages of his transformation, he gains compound eyes, through which he sees dozens of images of a garbage muffin.
  • Dr. Cockroach's newly formed fear of bright lights is the opposite of Insectosaurus from the film, who's always mesmerized by them.
  • In this episode, President Hathaway has a tattoo in his chest.
  • James Patrick Stuart isn't credited for voicing the President.
  • The Transformation chamber in this episode is the teleporter from The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach.
  • Henry the Janitor is key to the plot.
  • 98 pounds is mentioned by Link.
  • This is the first episode they train in the War Room.



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