Attack of the Movie Night is an episode of Monsters vs. Aliens. It aired on June 15, 2013.


It's movie night, and tonight's feature is "Attack of the Zombie Moon Ape". Believing that fear is nothing to anyone with super-intelligence, Sqweep disregards Susan's warnings and watches a few brief moments of the brain-eating extraterrestrial zombie ape and acquires a phobia, while the monsters sleep thrugh the whole thing. When Monger orders the Monsters and Coverton to calm the alien child prodigy before the whole base looks like Swiss cheese, Dr. C. employs the 'face your fears' tactic, with Coverton in the Moon ape role. Sqweep's plan, is to use the Milky Way's 1st memory extractor to eliminate the Moon Ape fear. The extractor works to cure Sqweep, but fails as a containment unit.



Attack of the Movie Night/Script


  • When the Zombie Moon ape bursts thru the doors, it is just like Susan when she burst through the doors of Gallaxhar's ship.
  • Sqweep announces his/her triumph with a Yay Me!. Sqweep's voice actor, Haley Tju actually said this when she played the younger London Tipton in the Suite Life on Deck episode, A London Carol.
  • When Sqweep laughs after announcing his/her fear-removing plan, it is very similar to Dr. Cockroach's very own.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that B.O.B. was once afraid of large Moustaches, and he got over the fear by attacking a false one worn by Link.



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