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Coverlord (or Grand Coverlord) is the actual main antagonist of the Monsters vs. Aliens television series who wishes to take over the Earth. It is he who sends Coverton to Earth on his false peaceful deal, while sending him updates of his mission. Whenever he appears, Coverlord is seen as a mute and faceless green cloud. There is doubt he is the supreme ruler of Coverton's species, because Coverton himself said there was an Intergalactic Council he has hopes to join. But what can be certain is that there is insolence between him and his spy.


  • The show never had enough time to air to show Coverlord and Coverton team up together and attempt to destroy the Monsters.
  • There was a possibility of Coverlord appearing in a planned second season of Monsters vs. Aliens, but the show was cancelled in 2014 before any such plans were realized.
  • He never appeared in person at all in the show.
  • Lots of fans have speculated that he is Gallaxhar in disguise, though this is improbable because Gallaxhar was killed in the original movie when he failed to escape his spaceship in time before it exploded. But its possible they may have been acquaintances.