Danger Wears A Diaper is the second episode of Season 1 in the television series, Monsters vs Aliens. It aired on April 13, 2013.


It's President Hathaway's birthday, and he wishes to celebrate with a surprise birthday party in Area Fifty-Something, extreme gadget presents, a speech to the nation and all. General Monger orders the Monsters and Coverton to find the president the perfect present. Coverton chooses one of many objects in his armory: The Rolex-like Defensinator with flight, lasers, force field and can tell time. The Monsters' gift is Dr. Cockroach's Rejuvenalizer, a laser gun that increases youth. Though the Defensinator is an object that a child would die for, Hathaway's more overjoyed with the monsters' gift as it's effects can enhance his chances for re-election. With his 5pm birthday speech approaching, Hathaway decides to get another rejuvenalizer shot after meddling with the controls and consequently regresses to a baby. With little time to restore his adulthood, the monsters have to avoid the Defensinator still in the baby president's wrist, the troublesome baby president himself and the suspecting General Monger and Coverton.


Danger Wears A Diaper/Script


  • This is the second episode of the series.
  • The watch was doing its work to making the President look younger. But he really doesn't have wrinkles like the one the watch made go away in that scene.
  • This is the only episode to focus on President Hathaway.
  • The animation had more color than other episodes.



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