Educational Television is an episode of Monsters vs Aliens. It premiered on May 4, 2013.


Sqweep loans B.O.B. and Link his TV when theirs is out on a lazy Saturday. But when they spend more time with it, they learn that when you answer it's questions wrong, you get a new raygun for a limited time and a one-time use app that sends the planet to the sun when it deems you too stupid to exist.



Educational Television/Script


  • This episode was confirmed by a Zap2it listing.
  • April Winchell is the voice of the Television.
  • As revealed in this episode, Sqweep's greatest fear of a bad grade is so dominant it actually makes it care less for the existence of earth, let alone it's own life.
  • The Monsters seem to have a special event every Saturday: Lazy Saturday. A day where you just sit back and play pong.



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