Frenemy Mine is an episode of Monsters vs Aliens. It is the sixth episode of Season 1.


When Coverton discovers that Area Fifty-Something is in the possession of a death ray and is protected by a lone guard, he plots an immediate acquisition. Then alarms run out, announcing that the base will self-destruct and he panics, not realizing it's merely a drill. The cause of this drill was simply due to Link forgetting to power down the ionic reactor after tanning his gills. For the rest of the day, he must wear the shame wig. General Monger demands to know why Coverton lacks an emergency buddy, buddy is a word Coverton doesn't know. With no other candidates to choose from, B.O.B. jumps in to fill that role, and add Coverton to his Bro Book of special friends. At the suggestion of his fellow monsters, B.O.B. puts Coverton in as many emergencies as he can, until Coverton sees it as his chance to acquire the weapon, but instead discovers why there's only one guard.


Frenemy Mine/Script


  • This is the 6th episode of the series.
  • It was aired on April 28, 2013.
  • It is revealed by this episode that B.O.B. owns a Bro Book, a compilation of his buddies such as a melon named Hollie.
  • Another revelation is that Monger has a shame wig with a clown nose for those who are naughty.
  • Link and Dr. Cockroach seems to be playing a game of Pong.
  • Most of B.O.B's friends are different types of fruit and Area Fifty-Something workers and employees.


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