Gallaxhar's computer
General information

Female (programmed)

Behind the scenes
Voiced by

Amy Poehler

Feature film

Monsters vs. Aliens


Gallaxhar's computer is the tertiary antagonist in the film, Monsters vs. Aliens. She is a hyper intelligent talking supercomputer who serves Gallaxhar and she is the main power core of his ship.


Monsters vs. Aliens

She detected the quantonium while he was sleeping and sent a robot probe on his orders to recover it. She then told him that the robot failed in his mission and that he needed to retrieve it himself. Once Susan was aboard the ship the computer helped Gallaxhar close the security doors and extract the quantonium, but the monsters rescued Susan. Dr. Cockroach rewired the computer and activated the self destruct system. Gallaxhar ordered her to get an escape capsule ready and also orders her to direct the quantonium to the bridge so he can escape with the the element, but Susan gets the quantonium back and made the capsule launch without him. The computer and the ship exploded after she made a mistake in the self destruct countdown.