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Gallaxhar's ship usin the phasoid cannon.

Gallaxhar's ship is a large, advanced spaceship used by Gallaxhar for travel. It serves as his base of operations. Its divided in three parts, in each of these parts there are large hangers where there is at least a hundred robot probes, in the center of the ship there's a cloning machine, down the hall there is a giant laser cannon which Gallaxhar used three times, and in the top floor theres' Gallaxhar's room with his computer, but when the monsters programmed the ship to self destruction the computer counted the minutes and finally exploded with the clones, robot probes, Gallaxhar's computer, Gallaxhar, and everything that was inside the ship.


Its unknown who built or designed the ship, though it may have been Gallaxhar, who did as he knew it well from top to bottom. The ship was possibly fueled by Quantonium. The ship was run by the computer, the main power core of the ship which was located in the center of the ship. Beneath the core was the Quantonium extraction chamber which Gallaxhar used to extract the Quantonium from Susan. The cloning machine was located around the chamber with several walkways leading into the seperate hangers. In the hangers, were Gallaxhar's army of robot probes. The ship was equipped with tractor beams to abduct certain things such as Susan. The ship was armed with a powerful Phasoid cannon which was first used to zap Insectosauraus, then to shoot down General Mongers' transport plane and finally to try and kill Susan (which missed).