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Maximum B.O.B is an episode of Monsters vs Aliens. It is the seventh episode of Season 1. It aired on April 28, 2013.


Impressed with B.O.B.'s indestructible nature, Coverton decides to clone a piece of him. After too many clones, B.O.B. alarmingly begins to diminish little by little.



Maximum B.O.B/Script



  • This is the 7th episode of the series.
  • When B.O.B. eats the Clone B.O.B., the famous Pac-Man sound effects can be heard. Also, the Clone B.O.B.'s stand in the same order forming the level from Pac-Man.
  • First appearance of the Half-Hamster.
  • Coverton reveals that there's an intergalactic council, and he wishes to have a special seat with a cupholder. Whether Coverlord is associated with, leads or he works for them is unknown.
  • In the scene where General Monger showed a clip of Susan getting her teeth clean by some of the workers, it is assumed that this was before she gain the ability to change her size. 
  • The first clone B.O.B somehow had an eye with him. Even know Coverton put only a piece of B.O.B's blob in the cloning machine.


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