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Monsters vs. Aliens is an animated television series co-produced by DreamWorks and Nickelodeon. It is based on DreamWorks' movie of the same name.

The series premiered on March 23, 2013 and aired its last new episode on February 8, 2014. Like in the film, the monsters are the protagonists and the aliens are the antagonists.


The series was first confirmed by Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks, in 2009. He announced that Nickelodeon had commissioned DreamWorks to create a pilot for a Monsters vs. Aliens television series. Some time later, the series was announced at the annual Nickelodeon upfront, having been greenlit for 26 episodes.

In November 2013, executive producer Bob Schooley announced on Twitter that the series would not be renewed for a second season, later citing in another tweet low ratings and the network's plans to refocus on more "Nickish" shows.[1] Schooley said that there were six scripts written for a second season, but they were unfortunately never finished.[2]


Theme Song

The television series features a theme song, the musical opening sequence at the beginning of every two episodes or double-length special episode.

Lyrics Narrator (speaking): And now, Nickelodeon and DreamWorks' Monsters vs. Aliens.

MVA. MVA. Monsters vs. Aliens! It's us vs. them, foe vs. friend, brain vs. B.O.B.

B.O.B.: It's a super freaky job!

The Missing Link: Oh yeah, it's freaky.

MVA. Monsters vs. Aliens! Monsters vs. Aliens! Monsters vs. Aliens! MVA.


The animations are the visual effects seen during the theme song. It begins with the Nickelodeon logo, which is brought up into a green spectrum. The DreamWorks logo is shown, followed by the Monsters vs. Aliens logo. Two doors are shown with the letters "MVA" on them. The doors are broken open by The Missing Link and Susan. Dr. Cockroach is seen operating a machine, and in the background is B.O.B., who goes through a red laser trap that says MVA, and turns B.O.B. into many pieces of blue ooze.

The monsters are shown, followed by the aliens. In the open desert in front of Area Fifty-Something, B.O.B., Dr. Cockroach, and Link are seen drivig a green car, followed by Susan, Coverton, Sqweep, and Vornicarn. Susan trips and falls behind the car but in front of the aliens. Coverton and Sqweep fly around Susan, and Vornicarn jumps (on her butt causing it to jiggle and) off her head and off screen as Susan, a bit unsatisfied with his choice of where to jump, makes a somewhat angry expression.

Sta'abi uses the Missing Link to push Dr. Cockroach into the ground.

Coverton is seen looking at a miniature Earth, and is then hugged by B.O.B.. Link opens a sewer cap and is shown. B.O.B. walks on screen, and the President comes in and out of the gelatinous mass. Susan tears through the roof of the diner with a high-pitched grunt and grabs a UFO floating over her. The monsters and aliens look at each other, angrily. Doors close in, revealing the logo.

List of Episodes

It’s Us vs Them

No. Episode Name
1 Welcome to Area Fifty-Something
2 Danger Wears A Diaper
3 The Toy From Another World
4 The Bath Effect
5 The Fruit of All Evil
6 Frenemy Mine
7 Maximum B.O.B.
8 It Came on a Field Trip
9 Educational Television
10 Flipped Out
11 The Wormhole Has Turned
12 The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach


The Thing With One Brain

14 Night of the Living Dog
15 Attack of the Movie Night
16 98 Pound Cockroach
17 When Nature Shrieks
18 Vornicarn