Robot probes

Robot probes are supporting antagonists in the film, Monsters vs. Aliens. They are cycloptic enormous robots that serve Gallaxhar. They were the front line during battle and were very destructive. One of their weaknesses, however, was around the neck of the robot and for having very short legs and for been so heavy, they tripped rather easily. These robots could scan living things for certain substances in them. They also possessed a phasoid blaster. They were about three hundred of them in Gallaxhar's ship. Some of these transported Gallaxhars clones.


The robot probes are some of Gallaxhar's minions and the largest of them. They were possibly created by Gallaxhar originally as miner droids to get Quantonium. The robot probes are roughly the same height as  Insectosaurus only slightly taller (Insectosaurus is 350 feet tall, and the robot probes are probably 400 feet tall). They are protected by an impenetrable deflector shield which blocks all forms of attack, making the robots immune to any of the military's weapons and their feet can crush anything beneath them apart from B.O.B. Their weaponry consisted of powerfully strong arms and claws that were strong enough to haul its own heavy weight body out of a crater or tear down a tall building, though they weren't strong enough to counter the strength of Ginormica. They even possessed a phasoid blaster in its eyeball, though it was only seen in use during the Game. Besides being used as probes, Gallaxhar also intended to use them as troop transports to transport his clone army down to earth.



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