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Sta'abi is a character in Monsters vs. Aliens. [1]


A true hot-head, Sta'abi is quick to take matters into her own hands. She's aggressive first and asks questions later, which makes her a little hard to get along with. She also fails to understand certain Earth emotions.

As in My Monster, My Master, if she loses a challenge multiple times, she would want to be trained by her defeater no matter how stupid they are which might be learned.

Powers and Abilities

Sta'abi is shown to have superhuman strength as she is able to throw Link around, as well as using him like a hammer to pound Dr. Cockroach into the ground like he was a nail. This is also proven in Destroy Chickie D! when she tunneled to the armory to get her spear, her locker for a change of clothes, the mess hall to ruin the stock of pudding, and out of the base instantly with only a spoon.

She is also capable of super athleticism and flexibility. She also possesses a multi purpose spear.


There is no doubt she is underestimated by certain foes such as Link. She is also not very durable and could be easily damaged. 


  • Her enemy would naturally be Link since both are the muscle of their respective teams. Despite that he's shown a strong attraction to her due to her deadly abilities.
  • She is the second strongest and the third smartest.
  • She speaks with a Russian accent and frequently refers to herself in the third person when she speaks.
  • Sta'abi is Vornicarn's owner.
  • In Vornicarn, it's shown that future teammate Coverton is aware of Sta'abi's species to the point it's near-phobia. It's unconfirmed though if Sta'abi knows Coverton's kind herself.
  • Sta'abi appears to be a parody of female alien warriors.
  • Sta'abi is one of the very few characters in the franchise to be royalty.