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Susan Murphy (a.k.a. Ginormica)
General information



Giant (currently)
Human (formerly)

Home World



Blue eyes, brown hair (now platinum white), reddish-pink lips, light blue agent jumpsuit with orange-colored stripes and pockets, ponytail with yellow gold-colored scrunchie, red and white sneakers


Enormous Strength and Size
Impervious to Nuclear and Atomic Forces
Size Alteration


Area Fifty-Something Monster Agent
Former Butterfly Girl




Carl Murphy (father)
Wendy Murphy (mother)
Susan's Nana (paternal Grandmother) unnamed two aunts

Behind the scenes
Voiced by

Reese Witherspoon (movie and specials)
Riki Lindhome (TV series)


Nancy Archer from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Television series

Monsters vs Aliens

Feature film

Monsters vs. Aliens (movie)


Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space

Video game

Monsters vs. Aliens


Susan Murphy is the main protagonist of the Monsters vs. Aliens franchise. Her monster name is Ginormica.

Susan is a woman from Modesto, California. On her wedding day, she was hit by a meteorite filled with Quantonium, which made her grow to a height of 49 feet and 11 inches. In the TV series, Susan can change back-and-forth to her normal size.


The exact weight she can lift is unknown, but is seen in the movie lifting up the top half of the hand of the massive alien robot for a long period of time also whilst placing her foot in-front of a sliding car at the edge of the broken bridge to stop it from falling in the river. She is also seen breaking the impenetrable force field that was holding her captive in Gallaxhar's Spaceship and also breaking many walls in a charging force. One could think of her as invincible because of being almost resistant to any physical or energy attack, but that is not proven in the movie, except from being hit by the massive meteorite and the ball of quantonium, making her still fit to stand up! In the series, Susan has gained the ability to alter size ranging from her normal height to her ¨Ginormica¨ height.

Besides growing to an enormous size, Susan has displayed a genius level intellect. She has even shown to be more intelligent than Dr. Cockroach on several occasions. Susan has a squeaky clean record and has passed every subject in school. She has never displayed signs of inferiority, unlike other characters.

Susan is also an expert athlete, most likely self taught, able to perform jumps, somersaults, cartwheels and full body flips far beyond the limits of an Olympic gymnast. She has also shown to be very flexible and limber. She also has lightning fast reflexes, and can easily dodge fast flying objects, and sometimes catch them. Susan will sometimes utilize her athleticism in combat. Susan is also a great combatant, even able to take down Sta'abi with little to no effort.


Loss of Focus- Susan needs to be able to focus in order to control her size-changing abilities. If she loses focus, she changes size uncontrollably, putting those in close proximity to her in danger.

Quantonium Dependency- Susan depends on the presence of Quantonium in her body in order to have monstrous size and strength. If the Quantonium is removed, Susan returns to her normal size.

Metal Bindings- Susan can't grow if there's a strong enough metal binding restraining her.

Electricity- Susan is relatively susceptible to electricity, as she can be temporarily stunned by it. Additionally, electricity can also remove a portion of her Quantonium from her body.


Susan is a slender woman with peach-colored skin, two wide, oval-shaped blue eyes, and brown hair (turned platinum white due to her mutation). Her lips are reddish-pink. She is usually seen wearing a sleek, light blue agent jumpsuit, a black belt with a silver buckle, and white and orange-striped gray covered Converse sneakers. The suit has orange-colored stripes along the sides and orange pockets. As of the TV series, she wears her hair in a ponytail with a gold-colored scrunchie, and red and white sneakers, along with a slight outfit change, no longer a dark grey (80%) but rather blue and hold shape with her grow/shrink patterns.

When it's time to sleep, Susan (in her days of being ordinary) wore pink pajamas with red polka dots on the back. On her wedding day, Susan wears a sleek, white wedding dress and a garter on her left leg.

In Gallaxhar's ship, she wears a skintight dark blue one-piece bodysuit with white lines and spangles all over it. In merchandise, the suit's lines are glowing green and the suit is black.


Somewhat meek and unassertive, Susan initially wants nothing more than to return to her old life, but gradually warms to her status as a giant. Due to her exposure to the meteor's radiation, she is very tall and extremely strong, which helps her destroy Gallaxhar's weapons.

Susan is intelligent, sarcastic, comical (in the TV series), altruistic, friendly, loving, tender, caring and is very sympathetic, nice and, by the TV series, has a good sense of humor. She is also seen as a very beautiful woman by many, such as when Link attempted to impress her with his martial arts.

Susan's mom and dad call her "Susie Q," which might mean that her middle name starts with Q. Susan used to be in love with a weatherman named Derek Dietl, but when she grew tall, he declared it was over, causing Susan to stay away from him. After seeing him as the narcissist he is, she humiliates him during his interview with her.

Behind the scenes

Susan is a parody of the protagonist in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (Susan is 49-feet-11-inches tall). She was inspired by Nancy Archer. After an alien encounter, a wealthy heiress grew to 50ft and sought revenge on her cheating husband. References to the Amazing Colossal Man regards her character. She is voiced by Reese Witherspoon, to whom she bears some resemblance. In all of her appearances, her hair was reworked: It was brown before her mutation and she had it in pigtails, now it's white and in a ponytail.

In the TV series

In the TV Series, Susan is now voiced by Riki Lindhome, and has gained a new ability; she has the power to change her size from giant to normal (she might be able to grow at least 50 feet) after being exposed to Hyperium. It is also confirmed that she's the main leader of the monster group. In When Nature Shrieks, it's revealed that she was once a butterfly scout, but only earned a badge for protein bar selling. This changed at the end of the episode where she received one for camping from General Monger. Another fact recently brought to light by Monger was that sometime after her Butterfly Girls tenure, Susan had an incident addressed as simply the 'Cheerleader Faux Paus'. Though Susan attempted to deny it, Monger had the photographic evidence to prove otherwise. In The Sound of Fear, she reveals she was a perfect teacher's pet. In It Got Out of Hand, Susan reveals she loves April Fool's Day and once tricked her class to believe that there was an alien invasion. She later admits it was now ironic given her current situation. In This Ball Must Be Dodged, it was revealed that she was always last pick for dodgeball even after a practice dummy. Her anger made her learn to be amazing at the sport. In The Grade that Wouldn't Pass!, it was revealed that she had one A minus in wood shop. She thinks it was because Mr. Holtziter, her teacher, had it out for her because her birdhouse was prettier than his. During the events of Debtor Alive!, It's revealed that she uses her loan from Sqweep to start a Bedazzled Cupcakes business.



Susan and B.O.B. are shown to be great friends, as she is sensitive to B.O.B.'s feelings and B.O.B. will always try to help Susan, even though he might or might not be successful. She also shows the most encouragement for the ideas B.O.B. comes up with, despite that they may not be the best ones.

Dr. Cockroach

Though they are good friends, Susan is often irritated by Dr. Cockroach's experiments, the insanity that comes with it, and his maniacal laugh when having made a breakthrough. Yet when it comes to dangerous situations, Susan is always open to his ideas.

The Missing Link

Susan considers Link a crucial part of the time, even at times when he shows his boastfulness, and his need for causing mayhem. In return, Link shows loyalty to her leadership at times, even risking his own life to protect her.


Susan is rather glad to help Sqweep with her earth studies field trip assignment, regardless of the collateral damage it sometimes ends up.


Since they are the strongest females of their respective groups, on occasion they will help, stop and try to coax the other to their way of thinking.


Insectosaurus is Team Monster's mode of transport. Both of them are the biggest members of the team and they show genuine concern for their safety, as when Gallaxhar abducts Susan and Insectosaurus attempts to reel her back in, only for the alien to blast him unconscious as Susan screams Insectosaurus' name in concern.



Susan is enemies with Vornicarn. She is shown in the opening song to step on him and then be thrown to the floor as Vornicarn jumps on her bottom and then her head.


Susan was enemies with Gallaxhar, considering he attacked her home and put all those she loved in terrible danger, all because he wanted the Quantonium in her body. Fortunately, Gallaxhar was destroyed in his ship's explosion.


The two are arch-enemies because they are both leaders of their respective groups, although they do tolerate and be civil with one another. A clear dislike of him was shown in The Bath Effect where attempting to tell the monsters to protect him made her even want to vomit.

Derek Dietl

Susan is enemies with her ex-fiancé Derek because he is a selfish jerk. He told Susan they are not going to Paris. He says they're going to Fresno, so he can have the job interview, which she was okay with at first. He said he wasn't looking forward to get married and spend the rest of his life in someone else's shadow (literally), which hurts Susan deeply. She realized the type of person he is, and berated herself for not seeing it sooner. In general he will use anyone to help forward his career.

Robot Probes

The only reason that the Robot Probes are considered an enemy is because one of them destroyed part of San Francisco and nearly killed Susan and almost thousands of innocent civilians to retrieve the Quantonium.


  • She is the most popular character in the franchise, next to B.O.B., and is often seen promoting the franchise alongside him.
  • Her name, Ginormica, comes from the word Ginormous.
  • Her last name, Murphy, comes from the Greek word μορφή that means "form".
  • In addition to herself being based on Nancy Archer from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, it appears that Susan's relationship with Derek is also based on Nancy's relationship with her husband, Harry.
  • She is arguably the smartest of the Monsters, along with Dr. Cockroach.
  • She is also arguably the strongest of the Monsters, along with Link.
  • Susan is more often called by her real name than her monster name.
  • She is shown to be a skilled prankster in "It Got Out of Hand".
  • Susan has shown the least amount of hostility towards the Aliens.
  • Her favorite dish is Turkey Tetrazzini.
  • Susan's hairstyle is revised slightly in the TV series, where she now ties it back in a ponytail with a scrunchie and has slightly less detail to it in the TV series than it does in the movie and the TV specials.
  • Throughout the entire Monsters vs Aliens franchise, Susan has had the most romances (three, two of them being one-sided).
  • In "Bride of the Internet", it is revealed her favorite puppy breed is the Labradoodle, she never calls soda by pop, and the grossest thing she ever ate was a butterfly (which flew in her mouth).
  • For some reason, when Susan grows into Ginormica or shrinks back down, her sneakers and gold scrunchie do the same.
  • The running gag of Susan getting electrified is based on the final scene of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.
  • She is one of the youngest of the main characters.
  • It is revealed in "The Sound of Fear", that Susan can sing very well. This is due to her voice actress being in a music duo called Garfunkel and Oates, which also has Kate Micucci in it.
  • Both of her actresses have appeared in the episode "Walk the Swine" of The Muppets.
  • She appeared in the early drafts of production as the 50,000 pound woman.
  • In the 51 years of Area 5?'s history, Susan's imprisonment of 3 weeks has been the shortest of any member of Team Monster.
  • There seems to be running gags within the TV series about Susan's rather plump butt, where it either gets stuck or accidentally squashes other characters when she grows.
  • In Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space, Susan said she wanted to go out for Halloween as a zombie cheerleader. Coincidentally, a film called Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader was released 3 years later.
  • Susan's Ginormica outfit constantly changes colors. In many promos, posters, and images, her outfit is red, but in the film and specials, it is grey, and in the TV show, it turns dark blue.


  • "What're you guys doing here? It's five o'clock in the morning." - first words
  • "Excuse me, can I order a Salad?" (McDonald's commercial)
  • "Throw the switch, doctor. But- don't do the laugh."
  • "Sorry mom. He's just a hugger."
  • "But I don't want a poster. I want a real kitten hanging from a real tree."
  • "Three weeks ago, if you were to ask me to fight a giant robot, I would have said "no can do". But I did it! Me! I'm still buzzing! Did you see how strong I was? There probably isn't a jar in this world I can't open!"
  • "I wouldn't be that sure. And the name is Ginormica."
  • "I think I just got hit by a meteorite."
  • "Doctor, I'd prefer you didn't do your mad scientist laugh while I'm hooked up to this machine."
  • "This is Susan Murphy saying, 'GOODBYE, DEREK!'"
  • "So, Even Steven?"
  • "Stickier than expected."
  • "Sneezing gas! (...) Ahh-CHOO!!! Ow..."
  • "So you fix me?"



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