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The Missing Link
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Aquatic Ape (possibly)

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Bun-Bun (Toy)

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Will Arnett
David Kaye (Night of the Living Carrots)
Diedrich Bader


The Creature in Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Monsters vs Aliens

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Monsters vs. Aliens

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B.O.B.'s Big Break


Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space
Night of the Living Carrots

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Monsters vs. Aliens


The Missing Link, also known as simply "Link", is a 20,000-year-old fish/ape like creature who acts like a jock, but is really just out of shape, in the tv series Link has gotten back in shape and started working out. He was frozen in the last Ice Age and thawed out by scientists. He was captured in 1961. When he escaped, he went back to his old lagoon, found it had been turned into a resort, and started terrorizing the tourists. He is the only monster who can understand Insectosaurus, who thinks Link is his father!

The Missing Link is voiced by Will Arnett in the film & by Diedrich Bader in the TV series.


Link is strong, agile and amphibian and can live in and out water as long as he wants, as well as an adept swimmer. It is unknown if he can adhere to walls or other objects and crawl up them, but is seen in the movie crawling up Insectosaurus without falling.

As of being a bit reckless at times he is actually a very tough acrobatic and melee fighter, making him a powerful and unusual being. In the movie he is the one to think that he can do everything always rushing into battles without considering the consequences. In battle he can be considered the leader of the group.

Its possible he can also speak the same language as Insectosaurus, given the extent of their friendship.


He has a weakness for the ladies as shown on the movie almost hitting/flirting on Ginormica (Susan Murphy) & Sta'abi at first sight for greeting them and demonstrating his moves to impress them.

He can become trapped in some green goo as revealed in The Thing With One Brain.

As revealed in Race to the End...Zone!, his head fin is his weak spot since he'll lose his coordination if it gets damaged.

He also can not swim in chlorine as shown in the movie. His eyes would burn too much to see anything.

Behind the Scenes

The Missing Link is a parody of the Gill-man from Creature from the Black Lagoon and King Kong. Like the Gill-Man, he came from a lagoon. Like King Kong, he's part gorilla. Both have an attraction towards beautiful females and have a sympathetic side.



  • "You don't want to tussle with all this muscle."
  • "Heebie Jeebies"


  • Link acts as the team's pilot in the series.
  • He owns a used stuffed rabbit he named Bun Bun when he was in the isolation zone.
  • Some of his past was seen in Prisoner of the Dark Dimension.
  • Link and Insectosaurus' friendship could be based on the 1962 crossover film King Kong vs. Godzilla.
  • Their friendship resembles Sta'abi and Vornicarn
  • He is the most greedy monster.
  • Link once wore a Mustache to help B.O.B. overcome his fear of Mustaches.
  • His most valuable possession is gravity.
  • He resembles a Swamp-Leech from a planet called Zeebowich.
  • With the absence of Insectosaurus, B.O.B. became best friends with Link.
  • One of his fears is enduring another Ice Age.
  • As of the special Mutant pumpkins from outer space, Link has a less enthusiastic approach for Halloween.
  • Link is one of 2 roles that Diedrich Bader and Will Arnett share. The other is Batman.