The Wormhole Has Turned is an episode of Monsters vs. Aliens. It aired on May 11th, 2013.[1]


Dr. Cockroach attempts to create a teleporter in an attempt to outdo Sqweep. Instead, he creates a wormhole is 20ft long and lactose-intolerant, facts that in the hands of the aliens can abuse to a certain limit.



The Wormhole Has Turned/Script


  • Dr. Cockroach's teleportation device that he built in this episode returns in "The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach."
  • This is the second instance in the "Monsters vs. Aliens" television series that Susan's buttocks are mentioned or referenced; in this episode, Dr. Cockroach's wormhole is about to grow until it splits the world in half. To stop it, Dr. C uses a pole, duct tape, a boot and a spring to create a catapult-like device. The spring flings the boot into the air. Susan is hit in the stomach with it while she is using her Ginormica powers, causing her to fall backwards into the wormhole. The other side of the wormhole opens up and showcases Susan's rear end to all of Area Fifty-Something. In the end, Dr. C says, "Truly, it was Susan's ginormous bum that saved the planet." The first instance is in the theme song when Vornicarn jumps on top of Susan's butt, and after he jumps off, her buttocks jiggle.
  • 2nd appearance of the Half-Hamster.
  • Sqweep still seems to be with Coverton and his evil schemes. But Sqweep thinks things through more then Coverton would do.



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