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Sta'abi (owner)

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Fred Tatasciore

Television series

Monsters vs Aliens


Vornicarn is a character in Monsters vs Aliens[1] He is a Vornicarn, as told by his name, from Earth.


When this rambunctious guy gets loose, he brings a new level of insanity to Area Fifty-Something! Vornicarn may not speak, but his gruff growls and grunts definitely let you know when he's coming. He's tough on the outside, but can be a big puppy too.


Vornicarn is very strong and is also shown to be durable as he is able to withstand multiple hits from Ginormica. With great stamina and leap high places. He also has a long tongue. When something smaller than him passes him, he sometimes sticks out his tongue and ingests the object. In Prisoner of the Dark Dimension, he is known to be faster than a jeep. In The Beast From 20,000 Gallons!, he has a sense of smell strong enough to find B.O.B. in a rocket fuel tank.

His Intelligent and communication skills is some what good enough to understand his owner. He seems to understand the game dodgeball. His intelligence could be better then BOB or just as good as him. His communication skills is at a dog level.

He has a powerful roar to show his fierceness to everyone.


Vornicarn lacks in intelligence.

In Ginormicat!, if something he ingests can grow inside of him, he may not take it and has to spit it out.


  • He seems to be arch enemies with Ginormica, because they are both the largest of their teams, but he could be enemies with B.O.B., since both are unintelligent and like eating things. It's been revealed that he was intended to be the rival for Insectosaurus.
  • He is the biggest, strongest and least intelligent of the aliens, like Ginormica is with being the largest and with B.O.B. for being the least intelligent.
  • He is the only alien that has the Personality of an animal.
  • Vornicarn and Sta'abi's relationship as pet and owner is both different and at the same time similar to the one with The Missing Link and Insectosaurus.
  • He is the only alien on Team Alien "born" on Earth.
  • Vornicarn is B.O.B.'s financial planner since Debtor Alive!.
  • Since Prisoner of the Dark Dimension, Vornicarn is very fond of Chocolate.