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Welcome to Area Fifty-Something is the first episode of the television series, Monsters vs Aliens.[1]


An alien imprisons the U.S. president in the series premiere of this animated comedy about displaced monsters and aliens forced to work together to defend Earth. Based on characters from the 2009 DreamWorks film.



Welcome to Area Fifty-Something/Script


  • This is the pilot episode for the television series.
  • Susan now has the power to change her size from giant to normal.
  • It is mentioned twice that Susan has different hair, mostly because her hair is different from then it was in the movie.
  • First appearance of The Diner.
  • We learn that during the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, a secret alien constitution had been established.
  • This is the second Monster-based Nicktoon. The first was Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.
  • It is also the second DreamWorks monster cartoon. The first was Toonsylvania.



  • When B.O.B. was counting 1,2 on his fingers, his fingers went 1,3. This is possibly just because of his stupidity, or maybe just an animation error.
  • While the President was talking, a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge was seen collapsing as seen in the movie. But the Robot Probe, Susan, nor Insectosaurus was seen it. This is impossible because they were all standing next to the bridge in the movie while it collapsed.


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