When Nature Shrieks is an episode of Monsters vs. Aliens. It aired on June 29, 2013.


There are a few sights that make both the Monsters and Aliens uneasy, one of these is General Monger's smile. His reason to smile is his annual camping trip, so stoked is he that he grants both teams weekend passes to join him. The only ones to join the General willingly are Sqweep & B.O.B. Susan wishes to back out with Dr. C., The Missing Link & Coverton, but Monger denies her that liberty: He haunts her with the memory of her brief stint as a Butterfly Girl, so she's obligated to join the trip. Monger thinks the trip will be to his liking, but Sqweep wishes to use the trip for her studies, bringing with her a tent filled with her gadgets. After one too many luxuries and B.O.B. eating his map and compass, Monger has had enough and sets up his own fire. But following a storm that fries Sqweep's tech and Monger breaking his ankle, it's up to Susan to save the trip.


  • Dr.Cockroach: "I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass."
  • Missing Link: I'm out Too
  • Coverton: And I'm allergic to things I despise.


When Nature Shrieks/Script



  • Susan was once a Butterfly girl.
  • Dr. C. has to be a relationship therapist to two too-self-aware amoebas.
  • When Susan asks General Monger about Area Fifty-Something containing every picture ever taken for national security reasons, he reveals an incident of her childhood simply addressed as the 'cheerleader faux pas'. When she attempts to deny it, he brandishes her with a photo to confirm it.
  • Sqweep uses his/her pest repellent as the marshmallow roaster.
  • This is the first episode to focus Monger.


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